For big kids - ages 8 to 12
Evolving Planet -- four billion years of life on earth (book)

Code Breakers Book Level B (teaches logic and simple algebra)

How Math Works -- 100 hands on projects for learning about math

Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math

Pokemon Business Quiz #1, question 1

Pokemon Business Quiz #1

Pokemon Quiz 1, Question 3

Pokemon Math Quiz #1

book about Oceans

Childbloom program for teaching children 5 to 12 guitar

programming Alice -- Lesson 1 -- alien robot teaches kid robot trick

Spelling Bee game and Chicktionary game at Microsoft's

Armagetron Advanced

Geography game -- drag that country or state to where it goes on the map

Who am I? rock game -- name that rock. 15 questions.

Science fair project ideas -- (8 million users)

Best roblox games

board game to teach computer programming (if- then loops)

Action Fraction

List of online games from

Hackety hack for teaching children programming

Grow a blue copper sulfate crystal -- chemistry for kids

10 homework assignments in scratch for elementary school -- from Nebo

rat - a - tat - CAT / math card game -- fun!

Dan Hawk's scratch lessons

Professor David Malan at Harvard explains computer programming with scratch

basic scratch computer programming tutorial -- shark eat fish game -- video tutorials for programming scratch (

Game to make new words by using a code

Mario and Sonic at the olympics games