Alice book -- by Tony Gaddis (best for teaching programming in a classroom)
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Best Alice book for a classroom

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We think this is the best Alice book for a classroom. Each tutorial has clearly labeled steps (Step 1, Step 2, ....) It is more clearly written and easier to follow than the other Alice books. It also provides instructors with free supplements, including answers.

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title: Starting out with Alice
author: Tony Gaddis
author affiliation: Haywood Community College
publisher: Addison Wesley
year: 2008
pages: 352
CD included

At first I was put off by the high price. But after looking at it, I think the price is justified by (1) that the book is well-written, more clear than the other Alice books, and (2) that it provides answers to the review questions and programming exercises. The other books do not provide answers. The answers are free for qualified instructors.,3120,-500,00....

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There are 8 chapters.

1. Introduction to Alice and objects
2. Programming in Alice
3. Variables, Functions, Math and Strings
4. Decision and repetition structures
5. Methods, functions and more about variables
6. Events
7. Lists and arrays
8. Recursion

For example, at the end of Chapter 1,
you have
20 multiple choice questions
10 short answer questions
9 programming exercises

The last exercise in the last chapter is "Modify the world.animation method to demonstrate the function" that calculates Fibonacci numbers. This book takes the student farther than some of the other Alice books.

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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Authored by kidslikeinfo on Sep 22, 2008.