Bill Kerr's list of best resources for teaching computer programming with scratch

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Bill Kerr describes his 5 favorite resources for learning computer programming with scratch

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Bill Kerr has written a nice summary of his favorite scratch resources listed on

He also has other posts about scratch.
For example, here is a page on how to make a piano in scratch

here are some assignments he gives his students.

Search for "scratch" in the search box on blogger to see all his scratch posts.

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Authored by on Jul 22, 2008.

I don't know who Bill Kerr is, but there seems to be quite a lot on the web about him and scratch and learning theory.

When I googled "Bill Kerr scratch," I also found this post. There is a fun scratch game named Lasers and Mirrors. This blog is not by Bill Kerr, but someone named Wesley Fryer.