Scratch Book: Scratch Programming for Teens
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A great book on scratch. Highly recommended

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title: Scratch programming for teens
author: jerry Lee ford, Jr.
date: 2009 (2009 is not a typo. Books are often released with the date of the following year)
pages: 316
CD included

This new book (June 2008) will teach you Scratch programming if you know nothing. But if you will teach you useful things even if you already know Scratch. For example, chapter seven teaches you how to make a quiz show.

This book is particularly suitable for children. In fact, of all the programming books on this site, this is the best one for young children (age 10 or less).

A child of nine can follow the code examples in this book to make her own program. Many of the concepts (such as if - else code) can be learned by children as young as six or seven. There are pictures on just about every page. It is clearly written and very easy to follow.

This is the only book on Scratch.

The CD that comes with the book includes the code for all the Scratch projects in the book.

Long description

Here is the Table of Contents
Part I Scratch Basics

Chapter 1 Introducing Scratch
Chapter 2 Getting Comfortable with the Scratch Development Environment
Chapter 3 A Review of the Basic Components of Scratch Projects
Chapter 4 Mr. Wiggly's Dance - A Quick Scratch Project

Part II Learning How to Write Scratch Programs

Chapter 5 Moving Things Around
Chapter 6 Sensing Sprite Position and Controlling Environmental Settings
Chapter 7 Storing and Retrieving Data
Chapter 8 Doing a Little Math
Chapter 9 Conditional and Repetitive logic
Chapter 10 Changing the Way Sprites Look and Behave
Chapter 11 Spicing things Up with Sounds
Chapter 12 Drawing Lines and Shapes

Part III Advanced Topics

Chapter 13 Sharing Your Scratch Projects Over the Internet
Chapter 14 Collecting External Input Using a Scratch Sensor Board
Chapter 15 Finding and Fixing Program Errors

Part IV Appendices

Appendix A What's on the Companion CD?
Appendix B What Next?

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Authored by supportkidslike on Jul 14, 2008.