Conga -- guess something about me game from Cranium
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Combines hot potato game with guessing game. Fun!

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You pull a question about yourself. You write the answer in a secret place. Other people have to guess your answer before the time runs out.

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This game is a lot of fun. We found it at a beach house. You actually learn a lot about each other while having fun.

For example, what is a chore I never want to do again?
One child guesses do the laundry.
Another child guesses cooking.
But it's actually cleaning!

The timer is random, so you don't know when time will run out. Players can guess as many times as they can as long as time has not run out.

It's a lot of fun because the timer is like a hot potato that you pass around as you yell out the first guess that comes to your mind. If you are holding the timer when it goes off, then you lose the round.

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Authored by supportkidslike on Aug 19, 2008.