Go Figure -- one of the best books getting elementary school children interested in math
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Everyone I recommend this book to loves it.

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Title: Go Figure
Author: Johnny Ball
Publisher: DK
Year: 2005

This beautiful colorful book covers one topic on every 2 pages. Each topic is pick for being interesting. Topics include: magic squares, amazing mazes, freaking fractals.

Page 37 -- Big Numbers
"One glass of water contains about 8 septillion molecules and probably includes molecules that passed through the body of Julius Caesar and nearly everybody else in history."

This is also the page that talks about the number Googol! My students who read this book knew what googol was before I did.

This book is very good for getting elementary school children interested in math. All the topics, text, fonts, and colors are carefully chosen to make the pages appealing.

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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Authored by supportkidslike on Sep 15, 2008.

Authored by supportkidslike on Sep 22, 2008.
Don't get it confused with this book, which has the same title. This book is not bad, but it's text-based and is for older children.