Greenfoot 2008 Coding Contest Winners
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Dec. 13, 2008

Here are the winners from the Greenfoot 2008 Coding Contest. Two winners are living in Asia and one is from Europe!

First prize winner

There were 3 first prizes in 3 age groups.

1. Under age 16

Winning game is called SonarWay

by Keenan Mandela Gebze (Greenfoot name is 'qnanqing')

"Keenan lives in Indonesia and attends SMPN 85 (but he did not write SonarWay as part of a school activity). The judges like the originality of this scenario and the implementation is excellent as well. The visual effects are very effective and give the scenario a nice feel. This is supported by the excellent sound effects: the "ping" of the sonar, the bubbly sound in the water, and crashing the submarine produces a nice water explosion sound that makes it a pleasure to crash.

Keenan is an active participant in the Greenfoot community."

2. Over age 15 but not has not graduated from secondary school

Winning game is called Realm of Battle

by L. Cole Adams (Greenfoot name is 'Zerg')

"Adams is living in Thailand, and wrote Realm of Battle in his spare time.

From the very first version of Realm of Battle, the judges suspected that it would be among the top entries. Since then, it has been improved numerous times, and is now a very playable Real Time Strategy game. The game is not particularly original, since the genre is well known, but the graphics are quite unique. The implementation is of high technical difficulty, especially the AI that controls the computer player must have been very difficult to get working as nicely as they do."

3. Any age and beyond secondary school

Winning game is called Biomekanoid Chicken (Roughly translates as Robot Chicken in English)

by Zsombor Novoszath (Greenfoot user name is 'mutantleg')

"With 'Biomekanoid Chicken', Zsombor created what is undoubtedly one of the most popular scenarios not only in the CodePoint contest, but on the Greenfoot Gallery site in general.

The type of game is well known, but the actual realisation (in terms of character creation, graphics, story) is very well done and original. The quality of game play is excellent, and the scenario is fun to play. Lots of attention to detail, both visually, functionally and in sound effects make this a very mature contribution."

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