Greenfoot programming assignment -- bomberfield -- take a 2 player game and turn it into a 3 player game
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Long description

Here is a Greenfoot assignment.

Go to the bomberfighter2 game.

Download the code.

1) Change the code so that you have 3 players. The third player will be a person who is controlled through the mouse.

The Greenfoot code for making an object go wherever the mouse goes is

if (Greenfoot.mouseMoved(null)) {
MouseInfo mouse = Greenfoot.getMouseInfo();
setLocation (mouse.getX(), mouse.getY());

2) Now add some code so that the third player can drop a bomb by hitting the number key "1"
The code for dropping a bomb is this

if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("q")& BOMBEN <= 0) {
getWorld().addObject(new Bombe(), getX(), getY());
BOMBEN = 20;

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