How to patch your child's eye - buying an eye patch
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I also have some advice on patching. I bought every kind of adhesive eye patch. When they were taken off, some adhesive would remain and irritate the skin.

I solved this problem when the second eye doctor sold me a felt eye patch. It slides on to the glasses.

I even bought a set of frames without any lenses for patching my child without glasses.

Felt patches are often small business started by parents whose child had amblyopia.

Patchpal looks like they carry similar products, with different designs.

I bought the frames with no lenses from Binyon's for $35. The seller, without my asking, gave me a 50% discount because she remembered me buying the glasses for my daughter. It helps to go to the same Binyon's store, because at a different Binyon's store the seller was going to charge me full price. Fortunately, they didn't have the frames in stock.

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