Alice book - Learning to Program with Alice -- book by Wanda Dann & Randy Pausch
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The best Alice book, written by the Alice team

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This is the most well-known book for teaching Alice. Two of the authors are/were leaders of the Alice team.

It is written for the student. You can follow it along on your own.
When you first start, you may have a little trouble trying to find where to click. The text does not always explain that you may need to scroll to the right to find what you need.

The book comes with a CD that contains additional graphics, as well as code for the examples in the book.

I think very highly of this book. See what a 7 year old could do after watching someone else do the first lesson (chapter 2) in this book.

Long description

Here are the topics covered in the chapters.
1. Getting started
2. Program design
3. Programming
4. Classes, objects, methods, and parameters
5. Interaction: events and event handling
6. Functions and If/Else
7. Loops
8. Recursion
9. Lists
10 Variables and revisiting inheritance
11. What's next?

Sample exercise from Chapter 6
Create a new world with a car. Write a program to make the four wheels of the car turn forward as the car moves forward.

Chapter 2 of the book is available here
You make a movie. We land one the moon, an alien pops out from behind a rock. We radio back, "Houston, we have a problem."

A list of corrections to the book is available here

Instructions for creating a new function
In the 2006 edition, the section on writing a new function is on page 152.
1. Select the object in the Object tree
2. In the function tab, click "create new function"
3. Enter the name of the function
4. Select its type (such as Number, Boolean, Object)
5. Click ok
6. Enter your code (The example provided calculates the number of times a ball turns when it rolls a certain distance)

We think this is the best Alice book because, being written by the Alice team, it has the most information.

For example, a rarely mentioned but great feature of Alice is the syntax switch. You can switch from Alice style to Java style to prepare the student for a text editor. Then you see the code with all the punctuation that it would have in Java. Do this syntax switch from the Edit/Preferences menu. I learned about this on page 280 of this book, and I've never seen it mentioned anywhere, in any Alice book or on any post about Alice.

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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Authored by supportkidslike on Aug 19, 2008.