Math Magic, a great book for getting your child interested in math
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Do math magic tricks; your teachers will be stunned & stumped!

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This is a very interesting book to read and for getting children interested in math. However, it does not have any pictures, so you will need a child who is a good reader. This book is also suitable for adults. This book will show you how to do a lot of magic tricks with math. For example, ask someone to think of a number, then multiply, add, and do some math operations on it. Ask them for the answer. Then you go to do the bookshelf, take a book off the bookshelf, open to the page number which is the number they gave you, and pull out a slip of paper with their name on it. Another trick is to find the cube root of a 6 digit number in your head.

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Authored by supportkidslike on Dec 05, 2008.