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great pictures. very interesting.

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oceans. It has great pictures. I learned a lot of interesting things that I didn't know.

Title: Oceans
By: Beverly McMillan and John a. Musick
Date: 2007
64 pages

Table of contents:
Watery world: Our extraordinary blue planet -- Formation of earth's first ocean -- Underwater landscape -- Ocean in Motion -- oceans and climate -- Ocean life: Regions and zones: Ocean habitats -- Made for the ocean: Adaptations -- Great ocean migrations -- Oceans under threat -- Exploring the oceans: Deep-sea legends --Highways for exploration -- Inside and out: Galleon -- Ocean's hidden dangers -- Exploring the depts -- Ocean's bounty -- Shallows: Exploring the sandy shore -- Life along the rocky shore -- Estuaries -- Abundance in the coastal sea -- Colors of he coral reef -- Hid-and-seek in the kelp forest -- Life in a world of ice: Polar seas -- Depths: teeming with life in the sunlight zone -- Creature of the deep sea -- Life on the ocean floor: Hot vents -- Oceans of wonder -- Glossary -- Index.

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INSIDERS -- a visually groundbreaking, state-of-the-art nonfiction series that outshines Eyewitness and Discoveries. This stunning new series offers an inside look into twelve riveting subjects, beginning with Dinosaurs, Egypt, Oceans, and Space. Expertly written, each book will feature an arresting design, complete with dynamic, multi-layered CGI and 3­D model imagery that is complemented by fascinating, up-to-date information presented in a user-friendly format.

Oceans is a multi-dimensional showcase of the aquatic universe! Take a look inside the formation of waves and tsunamis, see a cross-section of an underwater living lab, and explore the plant and animal species that live miles beneath the ocean¹s surface.