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Explaining the "God particle" to a seven-year-old

Business articles from Wharton Business School for high school students

The 39 Clues


Fundamentals of Chinese Characters -- Free sample content from the book

learning Chinese -- free Chinese Character Writing Exercise Sheets

print Chinese flash cards for free --

Globulation -- an online real-time strategy game

word list generator -- for decodable texts

68 decodable fiction passages from -- second grade level

68 decodable fiction passages from -- first grade level -- free decodable texts

MIT-sponsored free science summer camp for high school juniors and seniors (RSI)

Take University of California, Berkeley courses online for free

Alice programming (sample test at the end of an Alice course)

Alice in Action book -- free code examples

free online translator -- free IQ test -- free classroom management software (web-based)

Online games at

Use Google to search in other languages! -- publish your own book with Amazon -- publish your own book -- read hundreds of children's books online for free

Free reading games for beginning readers from

Teaching Java to kids -- a list of resources

Teaching Java to kids -- sample section from free ebook

Java for Kids -- free 200 page eBook -- by respected Java developer

Going to the moon (Greenfoot game) -- tutorial

Greenfoot Tutorials