Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner -- making games with Python
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Very good book. Make a game in every chapter.

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This book would be suitable for teaching programming to students in middle school and higher.

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This book is well written. It is particularly suitable for children (middle school and up) because you make a game in every chapter. Here are the games you make in each chapter.

2. Trivia game
3. Guess my number game
4. Word jumble game
5. Hangsomeone game
6. Tic-tac-toe game
7. Trivia challenge game
8. Critter caretaker game
9. Blackjack game
10. Mad Lib game
11. Pizza panic game
12. Astrocrash game

In the process you learn all the main things you'd need to learn from a programming course, include functions, object-oriented programming, and file processing.

The book includes an installation CD.

To make the videogames (pizza panic and astrocrash) you will need to install the pygame and livewires packages. (Those are easiest to install on Windows.)

You can use this book with elementary school children to show them how the code works. They could make simple text edits so that a game would behave a bit differently.

Rating (1 to 100) 75 = very good; 50 = good; 1 = unknown

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Authored by supportkidslike on Aug 20, 2008.