Scratch Video Tutorial Course 1 Lesson 4 contents: make a new sprite / actor / object
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Scratch Video Course #1 Lesson #4
Course#1.Lesson 4 - Create your own Sprites

Lesson 4 - Create Your Own Sprites

Objective: To learn how to create your own sprites or import from a large library of sprites.

Tutorial: Create a Sprite
Scratch Activity: Reproduce the actions in the tutorial. Experiment drawing your own sprites.


Experiment drawing and painting your own sprites.
Experiment by having your sprites dance, change colors, play sounds, etc.
Experiment and explore the large library of sprites of Scratch.
Experiment by creating groups of related sprites.

Additional explanations
Tutorial: Create a Sprite
*Length: 2 minutes long
There are 3 ways to add a sprite.
1. Choose one from the gallery
2. Let the gallery randomly add one
3. Make one in the paint program that comes with Scratch

The three buttons are under the play game screen.

The first button is the paint editor
The middle button is choose one from the gallery
The third button is randomly add one.

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