Scratch Video Tutorial Course 1 Lesson 7 contents: adding sound
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Scratch Video Course #1 Lesson #7
Course#1.Lesson 7 - Adding sound

Lesson 7 - Sounds, Voices and Music

Objective: To learn how add sounds, voices and music to our programs.

Tutorial: Add Audio
Scratch Activity: Reproduce the actions in the tutorial. Experiment with other sounds.


Experiment by exploring all the sounds in the Scratch libraries.
Experiment with two or more sprites singing together.
Experiment adding image effects with the voices and music.
Experiment controlling with the keyboard the sequence of sounds.

Additional explanations
Tutorial: Add Audio
*Length: 2 minutes long
Import a sound by using the Sounds tab to the right of the Scripts tab above the scripts area
Drag a play sound block from the Sound menu into the script area

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