Scratch Video Tutorial Course 1 Lesson 8 contents: animation, making the actor change pose
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Scratch Video Course #1 Lesson #8
Course#1.Lesson 8 - Changing the pose (example: arms up, arms down)

Lesson 8 - Creating Animations

Objective: To learn how to make animations with our sprites, or create your own animations.

Tutorial: Animation
Scratch Activity: Reproduce the actions in the tutorial. Experiment by changing the order of the costumes and the animation.


Experiment by creating your own sprite costumes and make your own animation.
Experiment making animations with some of the sprites from the Scratch libraries.
Experiment by animating two or three or more sprites at the same time.
Experiment by adding sounds as the sprites are animated.

Additional explanations
Tutorial: Animation
*Length: 1 and 1/2 minute long
Click on the Costumes tab to the right of the Scripts tab above the scripts area
Import several costumes.
Drag a next costume block from the Looks menu into the script area.
Now every time you click the next costume block, the dancer changes pose.
Note that what Scratch calls costumes in this lesson is what would normally be called poses. The dancer in the lesson does not change clothes. However, whether her arms are up or down changes.
Also note that this lesson does not teach you how to write a program where the dancer moves on her own.

This is the end of Scratch Video Tutorial Course #1

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