Teaching scratch programming to 6 year olds

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The conclusion seems to be that a 6 year old might enjoy making movies in scratch -- for example, 5 pictures in a sequence that show a person finding a treasure.

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There do no seem to be any resources made for 6 years olds to learn scratch. It also seems like 6 year olds are a bit young for programming. However, 6 year olds can start learning scratch by making "movies," that are made up of a series of pictures they draw in which something happens. For example, a scratch movie can show a person finding a treasure.

This has been my experience. If you want to read the full discussion thread on scratch, it is here.

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Authored by parenting.is.fun on Jul 23, 2008.

This tutorial is one that a 6 year old might be able to do.

Authored by kidslikeinfo on Aug 04, 2008.

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