the dumb bunnies book -- very funny for kids in first grade!
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A series of very funny books about 3 bunnies who take things literally

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Author: Dav Pilkey
Year: 1998
This will make your first grader laugh for half an hour. It's silly humor.

They see a white bird standing on a sign.
"What's the animal?" asked Baby Bunny
"Duh," said Poppa Bunny. "The sign says 'Elephant.'"
"I didn't know elephants had wings and feathers," said Momma Bunny.
"Me neither," said Poppa Bunny. "We sure are learning a lot of things at the zoo."

The cover has a award sticker that says "This book is TOO DUMB to win an award."

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Authored by supportkidslike on Jul 07, 2008.