3 toy and videos to teach your child the sound for each letter in the alphabet
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Even 2 year olds can learn the alphabet from these items!

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1. Letter Factory DVD by Leapfrog ($9)

This is a very good DVD. Through music and adventures, the frogs teach your child the sound that goes with each letter of the alphabet. Designed for children ages 2 to 5.

Currently this is the 101st most popular DVD on Amazon.
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2. Alphabet Pal from Leapfrog ($20)

This caterpillar has a letter on each leg. It has several modes. If you pick the letter mode, when you press a leg it says the name of the letter. If you pick the phonic mode, when you press a leg it says the sound of the letter. If will also sing the alphabet song. I received it as a gift when my child was 18 months ago. It's a great educational toy.

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3. Rock N Learn Alphabet
This video uses Rock Music.
Price $20

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